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Our Goal: Grow and expand your business through Designing and Printing your products the best way it can be.

Our Mission

:: Our mission is simple: to help you and your business using designing and printing as a tool to grow, expand and increase profitability. Don't get us wrong, we love doing our jobs and growing our business; but that's not our main goal, helping you and your Business is.

We are dedicated to produce high quality products for our clients, to provide our clients with outstanding customer service. Finally - and most importantly - we are dedicated to serving you and meeting your needs.

Note for Not-for-Profit Organization: Most of our clients are small businesses, but if you are a not-for-profit organization, we would love to help you too. We offer significant discounts to qualifying NPOs. For further details and information, please e-mail us.

About us

:: Thank you for paying your attention to Califax Printers. We'd like to tell you a little about our company. We are located in Okara, Pakistan, in the province of Punjab.

Califax was founded in 1996. Back then, "we" were a small working organization with a few clients. Most of our projects were simple small scale designing and printing jobs. At that time, our mission was very basic: Quality in Business.

Over the years, we have expanded our staff and our range of services. In addition to printing and designing, we now work in the packaging area too. Another feature added is the Web-Designing and Development service for our clients. That way, we provide our clients a full coverage of their business not only through their products but also through internet, which is now an essential part in marketing the products and growing the business. Our ability to develop your products using different areas of working allows us to present you with a number of choices and extended flexibility.

Our client base has grown. We now have clients in other provinces of Pakistan as well as abroad.

The economic climate has changed drastically since last 2-3 years. This change-especially evident in the media sector- prompted us to rethink our company goals. No longer will we focus solely on doing our job while making your products, we have gone a step further-your product must help grow your business. After all, if your product design and presentation is not helping your business to grow, what's the point of having that job done? In short, we are dedicated to serving you - the client - and meeting your needs.


Product Design: Totally customized for your business and organization


:: Already have a product? If you already have a product designed and printed, then you have to look for certain points. Are your competitors jealous? Are your customers happy? If these concepts are not a reality for your existing product, we'd love to help you out. Perhaps your design needs minor revisions and touch-ups. May be you need a complete redesign. We will recommend solutions for you - or if you already know what you want, we will take your ideas and turn them into reality.

Don't have an existing product? We will work with you to develop a complete plan from the designing to the preparation of your product. Your product will be unique and totally customized to the needs for your business or organization. We are confident that your new product will be far superior to the products of your competitors.


:: For most projects-especially new product designs and printing-we use the following process:

1. Discovery: The most important step in the process is finding out what you want-and what features will help your business grow the most. To begin, please e-mail us or contact us at our office.

2. Proposal: After determining your needs and evaluating how we will meet them, we will provide you with a proposal detailing our solutions. The proposal will also include an estimate of how long the project will take.

3. Contract, initial payment and content: if our proposal is agreeable to you, we'll put together the basic contract agreement for your review. After we receive the signed contract agreement and initial payment of 50 percent of total estimated cost, we will begin designing your product. At this point, you can also mail or e-mail us any text, photos or additional data that you would like to be included in your design.

4. Prototype: During the prototype and designing stages, your input is essential. We will create a color scheme, mockup design, and necessary functionality prototypes for your review. Once you are satisfied with the look and feel of the design, we will begin printing your product.


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